How to order the adapter

To perform an order, you should register on this website and login to your Personal area, and then you will see a button for order creation.

Order lifecycle

During order creation you can select adapters quantity, their options, and preliminary delivery type. After order is checked out, it goes through the following stages:

  1. Waiting for the batch to be filled – the order will have this status until sufficient number of devices (total sum through all orders) necessary for batch production will be ordered.
    The size of one batch will vary depending on the orders flow. At the moment it is 50 devices.
  2. Waiting for the batch to be produced – this status is assigned after order's batch is filled, but before it will be sent to production. This can mean either waiting for the batch to be processed by administrator (1 weekday), or waiting when production of the previous batches will be finished.
  3. In production – batch with this order is currently in production.
    You can view detailed batch production status ("PCB production", "Boards assembly" or "Firmware upload, devices testing and packaging") in your Personal area on the order details page.
    It takes approximately one to two months to produce one batch.
  4. Produced – the order gets this status when batch production is finished.
    At this point you can choose payment method and new delivery type, or confirm preliminary chosen one.
  5. Delivering – the order is in this status from the moment of delivery confirmation until receipt by the Buyer.
  6. Done – the Buyer has received the order.
We will notify you at the e-mail address configured in your profile about all order status changes during it's processing.

Payment methods

  • Online on this web-site using a banking card. We accept cards:
    VISA  Mastercard  Maestro  Мир

Delivery types

Delivery to Russia:

  • Boxberry delivery service – delivery to the pick up point near you.
    Delivery points map
    Cost - from 400 RUB.
  • CDEK delivery service – delivery to the pick up point near you or right to your door.
    Delivery points map
    Cost - from 350 RUB.
  • Self pickup in Mytishchi city.
    Cost - 0 RUB.
  • Delivery by Russian Post. Cost calculation is done at official rates published on the Russian Post website.

Delivery to Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan:

Delivery to other countries is currently not performed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Package contents

  • CAN-adapter;
  • Cable for connecting adapter to the car OBD-II diagnostic socket;
  • Cable for connecting your Android device to the adapter, you can choose from: MicroUSB, MiniUSB, USB A (full-size);
  • Pack.


Warranty period is one year from the date of device receipt by the Buyer.
Device transfer to the service is carried out at our expense if the breakdown is recognized as a warranty event, otherwise at the expense of the Buyer.

How to buy the Android™ application

Android application requires a licence key to work.

For new adapters licence key will be included into the price, and will appear in the Personal area automatically after the purchase, in My devices and licences module.

The price of the package (Adapter + Licence) in your country is displayed in the Personal area on My orders page.

In order to purchase a licence in case of an old adapter, please write a free-form e-mail letter to our address: or in Telegram.

Latest news

New application version 2.5.0 released

2024.03.02 04:47 PM

On February, 22nd, we have released a new application version 2.5.0 to Google Play.

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Call for applications for the 2nd batch of adapters is open

2023.05.21 09:05 AM

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