Test adapters are assembled, we are starting test phase

2016.08.09 05:50 PM • Category: Adapter

Yesterday we have finished assembling our test adapters and started their internal testing. You can take a look at the photos of the adapter in our Gallery.

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Details for the test adapters have arrived

2016.08.02 01:10 PM • Category: Adapter

We have finally got the details for out test adapters. We plan to assemble them to the end of this week and start internal testing. We will post updates about the test process in the news.

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New application version 2.0.1 released

2016.07.13 01:33 PM • Category: Service

Today we have released an application fix release 2.0.1 to Google Play.

What's new in this version:

  • Fixed error 103 during installation on some devices;
  • Fixed application crash on start.

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New application version 2.0 released

2016.07.05 11:10 PM • Category: Service

Today we have released a new application version 2.0 to Google Play.

What's new in this version:

  • New Service name - DroidOnCar;
  • Completely reworked and updated UI, based on CrossWalk WebView;
  • Possibility to add up to 6 application shortcuts right to the Main screen for fast launch;
  • Possibility to set up all output information as you like - just tap and hold your finger on any element;
  • All functionality was moved to this application, you may remove Car Display application;
  • Car voltage…

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Gallery launched, test boards arrived, release delayed

2016.06.30 12:30 AM • Category: Adapter

Dear users, we have two news for you this time - one is good, the other is bad.

Good news is that the boards for the test adapters have finally arrived. You can take a look at the photo on our new page - the Gallery. Also you can see there 3D models of a ready device.

And bad news is that we were twice screwed over by the details sellers, and these details are required to assemble the test boards. Both sellers had guaranteed the details availability, even had sent us track numbers after the…

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New application version 2.5.0 released

2024.03.02 04:47 PM

On February, 22nd, we have released a new application version 2.5.0 to Google Play.

What's new in…


Call for applications for the 2nd batch of adapters is open

2023.05.21 09:05 AM

We are pleased to announce that a call for applications for the second batch of adapters is now…

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