Full website functionality is restored

2019.07.12 11:50 AM • Category: Common

We are glad to say that full functionality of our website - news, registration, user personal area - has been restored.

Due to technical reasons we have performed passwords reset for all users registered on our website after April 13, 2018. New temporary passwords were sent to the e-mail addresses specified in the users' profiles.

Additionally, all changes done by users in their profiles (including password change) after April 13, 2018, were lost. All user profiles data has been restored to the state of April 13, 2018. This is not related to your orders - all of them were restored to the last actual state.

Attention. If you cannot sign into your account, was not able to reset your password via password reset form, and you didn't receive a e-mail with new temporary password, please get in touch with us using any convenient option available on our website.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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