New application version 2.4.0 released

2022.01.15 10:26 AM • Category: Service

Today we have released a new application version 2.4.0 to Google Play.

What's new in this version:

  • Fixed: service didn't reconnect to adapter automatically after replugging USB cable;
  • Fixed: trip time sometimes was running very fast;
  • Fixed: range was calculated incorrectly when fuel level went down below specific value;
  • Fixed: Main screen UI didn't start on Android 4.4;
  • Fixed various small errors;
  • Implemented a feature to remotely enable and configure application logs by the developer, in order to address issues more quickly;
  • Added an option in the Settings to show system apps in the quick launch shortcuts selection menu;
  • Application was adapted to Android 11;
  • A new Media Session based media player control mode was added, which supports most of modern media players, and displays track information on the Main screen;
  • Added an option to add application menu button to the Main screen;
  • Implemented intro screen for first time application setup.

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