Connection instructions

Adapter elements description:
Connection scheme

  • LED 1 (red) - shows adapter status: flushing - adapter is loading, constantly on - adapter is working;
  • LED 2 (green) - shows built-in +5.3V 3A power adapter status: on - power is on, off - power is off;
  • BTN - button: short press forcibly enables/disables the built-in power supply of +5.3V 3A to the USB socket for connecting an Android device, and to the orange wire for additional connections; holding more than 3 seconds will reboot adapter;
  • XA1 - MiniUSB socket for connecting Android device;
  • XA2 - 3x build-in USB hub sockets for connecting additional devices to the Android device (flash stick, EasyCAP, etc.), with maximum overall current not more than 3A;
  • XA3 - 20-pins socket for connecting to the car and for additional connections.
This is how the cable for connecting Android device looks like:
Cable to the Android device
This is how the cable for connecting to the car looks like:
Cable to the car

Color marking of wires for additional connections:

  • green - UART RX *;
  • gray - input #2 *;
  • yellow - input #4 *;
  • red - negative (commute GND) low current output #4;
  • brown - negative (commute GND) low current output #2;
  • black - GND;
  • pink - UART TX *;
  • blue - input #3 *;
  • white-red - input #1 *;
  • white - negative (commute GND) low current output #3;
  • violet - negative (commute GND) low current output #1;
  • orange - +5.3V 3A power output.
Functions marked with * will be implemented in future firmware updates.
Functionality of the outputs is described on the About page.
Outputs are low current and withstand maximum current of 500 mA, hence additional devices can be connected to them only via a relay.

How to activate your licence

After receiving your adapter you need to go to your Personal area to the My devices and licences module, make sure that device serial number shown in the table corresponds to the purchased one, and press "Generate" button. Your licence key will be generated for you, will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your profile, and will be shown in the table by clicking "View" button. If My devices and licences module is not available for you, you need to sign out of your account on the website, and then sign in back.

After that you need to install our DroidOnCar application on your Android device. Generated licence key as well as your login must be entered on the activation screen, which will open automatically when the application is launched, provided that the adapter is connected to the car and to your Android device. Now you can use our Service.

Thank you for your purchase!

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